Total Transportation Solutions Inc

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Our Divisions

At TOTAL Transportation Solutions Inc., we have made it our mission to become the pinnacle of specialized transportation for specific segments of the marketplace. In developing each, we have modeled three major divisions each focused on understanding the needs of the different customer groups. By first understanding the business, then the needs of each customer, we have refined our services over many years to better serve you. Our achievement has enabled our staff to provide a higher standard and a true customer service experience for you. These three divisions are:

 Fine Art and Museum

Focused on providing cost efficient and calculated services to the fine art and museum artifact community, TOTAL has a number of trained art technicians with a real passion for ensuring that priceless works receive the attention and care they deserve. You can choose from shuttle service, expedite, or exclusive use on one of the specialized trucks in our fleet. So whether you need to move 1 piece or a large exhibition across Canada to between Canada and the USA, you can count on us.

 High-Value Special Products

This is the division that TOTAL was first founded on in 1994. Over the years, the product types have changed, services needs have changed, and the definition of a high-value special product has changed; so we have changed along with it. From handling store fixtures, roll-outs, various types of technology, medical equipment, servers, bank machines or exercise equipment, to full blown computer room data center relocations, there isn’t much left in the high-value special product industry that TOTAL hasn’t had its hands on.

 Rigging and Industrial Moving

First spinning off from the needs within the high-value special products business, the TOTAL rigging division is focused on providing a more specialized industrial move service. As this division grew and we proved ourselves on every job, we found ourselves developing a reputation for handling some of the more challenging moves that others would shy away from. Some notable examples of this service include crane hoisting, helicopter hoisting, stair carries, disassembly, reassembly, and upending to name a few. Whether your needs are HVAC related or something completely different, we have the skill, knowledge and tools to move just about anything, anywhere.

But Wait!!!

While these three divisions represent the primary focus of TOTAL Transportation Solutions Inc., this is not where our service offering ends. Having years of project management expertise under our belt handling time critical, extremely sensitive, large scale, complex and challenging projects, our knowledge is true added value to you. Our ability to draw on so much experience is essential when it comes to helping navigate your project to a smooth and successful outcome.