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New Parking Restrictions

January 8, 2015

To Our Valued Customers:

As most of you may already know the Parking Restrictions for city streets are now being enforced with a zero tolerance policy during rush hour. (times vary according to street signage) Strict Enforcement of “No Stopping” regulations on major roads in Toronto are affecting all vehicles, including delivery trucks. Vehicles are now being parking tagged and towed.

According to Global News, January 5, 2015 the following can apply:

• Police have been tasked to pay special attention to high occupancy lanes, rush hour route parking, construction vehicles blocking routes and double parked cars.
• Police say drivers caught blocking traffic will be fined up to $150.
• “Depending on how long the vehicle stays in the pound, the tow is upwards of $300,” said Traffic Services Cst. Clint Stibbe.
• “So by the time you’re done, you’re looking at just shy of $500 for the whole event, including the cab ride to the pound.”

**The above fees are what is expected for a personal vehicle. Fees for trucks and trailer could possibly be more**

TOTAL will do its best to find parking for all pick up and deliveries, by watching street signage for times and or days parking is permitted. Please understand though if a dock or off street parking is not available at the time of pickup or delivery and we are tagged and/or towed, these fees will be charged back to you plus a 15% admin fee.


Mike Tache
Vice President – Logistics

Parking Restrictions & New Fees

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