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Request for Service

We accept requests for service in the following formats:

  • by voice over the phone.
  • by fax.
  • by email (plain text preferred).
  • by email with spreadsheet attachment (we use Office XP).

To obtain a copy of our spreadsheet template please email us.

Technology Commitment

We are committed to bringing the most efficient and friendly technology to the forefront of the Transportation Industry.

From applying international standards to using hand held computers we can make the moving experience almost seamless for our customers.

Vehicle Communications

  • Local fleet equipped with two-way radios from Bell for “real time” voice communications.
  • Long Distance fleet equipped with satellite units from ShawTracking.

Equipment Tracking

  • Climate units are equipped with GPS tracking along with temperature sensors and door alarms.

Integrated Systems

Order Entry, Dispatch, Billing, Warehousing, Bar Code scanning, Inventory Control, Web Track and Trace, web access to inventory and order details, satellite tracking, and EDI are all part of the system.

With the tight integration of the system, data is entered once and used every where it is needed.

Outbound communications to the customer are triggered by events with in the entire system (i.e.  “pick up completed” will send a status update to the customers if they desire it).  These communications can be international standards or proprietary to the individual customer.

Here are some of the feature highlights of the system:

Warehouse/Barcode scanning/Inventory Control

  • bar coded piece identification labels applied to each shipping piece (i.e. skid, carton).
  • wireless scanners for real-time information.
  • desire “lot one” tracking.
  • support for container contents (with UPC/GTIN, quantity, and description).
  • support for multiple label standards (EAN/UCC, ANS, ISO, and some proprietary).

Web Track and Trace

  • Public version requires just the Order Number and gives current location if available.

Interactive Web Site

  • Access to account details, warehouse inventory, order details.
  • “Shopping Cart” for shipping items from storage in the warehouse.
  • Third party carriers can update our system with current status.


  • feeds accounting system the customer and invoice details.
  • import/export with Microsoft Excel.

All Modules

  • audit trail of events with date/time and user id.


For more information on our system please contact Andrew Haines of OPSCON Inc.


We presently support:

  • International standards from EAN International and the Uniform Code Council (UCC).
  • North American standards from American Standards Council (ASC).
  • ASC X.12 204 (Load Tender)
  • ASC X.12 214 (Motor Carrier Shipment Status)

We are working towards:

Future developments

  • web based order entry.
  • on site bar code scanning for shipment item tracking (similar to UPS).
  • online copy of POD.
  • POD delivered via email in PDF format.